The Essential Guide to Automotive Accessories: Exploring the Versatility of Bedliners

When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle, automotive accessories play a vital role. From protective gear to performance-enhancing add-ons, there is an array of options available for every car enthusiast. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of automotive accessories, with a particular focus on the versatile and practical utility of bedliners.

Chapter 1: Understanding the Value of Automotive Accessories
Automotive accessories have become an integral part of personalizing and customizing vehicles. They allow owners to express their individuality while improving their driving experience and prolonging the lifespan of their cars. Understanding the value and benefits of these accessories is crucial when selecting the right ones for your needs.

Chapter 2: An In-depth Look into Bedliners
Among the myriad of automotive accessories, bedliners hold a special place due to their ability to protect and enhance the cargo area of trucks. Bedliners shield against scratches, dents, and corrosive substances, providing an added layer of durability that preserves the value and aesthetics of the vehicle.

Chapter 3: Different Types of Bedliners
There are various types of bedliners available in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Spray-on bedliners are a popular choice for their seamless, custom-fit application that creates a non-slip and tough surface. Drop-in bedliners offer affordability and easy installation, while roll-on bedliners provide a DIY option that can be ideal for those on a budget or with specific customization preferences.

Chapter 4: Benefits of Installing Bedliners
Installing bedliners in trucks offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, they protect the truck bed from corrosion caused by moisture, chemicals, and other materials. Secondly, bedliners prevent damage caused by sliding cargo, ensuring a longer lifespan for the vehicle. Additionally, bedliners provide improved traction, reducing the likelihood of cargo shifting during transportation. Their added durability often increases the resale value of trucks as well.

Chapter 5: How to Choose the Right Bedliner
Selecting the right bedliner for your truck requires thorough consideration. Evaluate your specific needs, such as the type of cargo you typically haul and your budget. Consider the level of protection required and the desired aesthetics. Research various brands and consult with professionals or experienced truck owners to make an informed decision.

Chapter 6: Installation and Maintenance
Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of bedliners. While some bedliners may require professional installation, others can be easily applied with DIY kits. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and ensure a clean and dry surface before installation. Regular maintenance involves cleaning the bedliner regularly, avoiding harsh chemicals, and inspecting for any signs of wear or damage.

Chapter 7: Other Automotive Accessories to Complement Bedliners
Bedliners often serve as a foundation for other automotive accessories that further enhance functionality and aesthetics. Consider additional accessories such as tonneau covers, tailgate protectors, or cargo management systems to optimize the usage of the truck bed and protect it from various elements.

Automotive accessories provide an excellent opportunity for vehicle owners to personalize and improve their driving experience. Bedliners, in particular, offer unmatched protection and durability for trucks, safeguarding their cargo area from the rigors of everyday use. By understanding the different types of bedliners, their benefits, and the proper installation and maintenance procedures, truck owners can make an informed decision and ensure the longevity of their vehicles. Remember to consider other accessories that complement bedliners, tailoring your truck to meet your specific needs while adding a touch of style.

Hyundai Tucson Review

Let'S find out if he undies new Tucson can go head-to-head with the mighty mazda cx5, having driven it for several days now, I was hoping to tell you that the new Tucson is a pretty good SUV, but I can't I'm not going to sit here and tell You this is a good SUV if it's not and it's definitely not good. Let'S go back to the studio and I'll tell you why I was really hoping to say: yeah, pretty good, even more of the same from here on day. Well done another good SUV, but this test-drive experience was completely unexpected. I really didn't think they'd. Do that not now I didn't think they had it in them. I thought pretty good must have been the plan, but that's not what they achieved. The new Tucson is not good, not by a long shot, and that's because it's friggin excellent new Tucson is actually a cx-5 killer. I know that's a big call, but here's why, when you throw a he and a Tucson into a nutribullet and hit puree forget antiquated notions like chewing nutribullet turns ordinary foods into superfoods by extracting the hidden vitamins and minerals at the cellular level. And if you believe that, how would you like to buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge when you put a Tucson Highlander through this automotive cellular level, goodness extraction process, it's just better than when you do the same thing with a cx-5 Akira? I actually did this, which involved a couple of very interesting telephone conversations at SUV test returns, the king is dead and here's why you know the Tucson Highlander is 3,000 dollars cheaper than a cx-5 Akira and every bit as well-equipped and in practice, you'd negotiate the price Down to about 45 grand without having to go for your Glock and at that price, it's the SUV, works Berger. Bargain of the decade, you might remember, the cx-5 Akira pulled the pants down on these premium poverty. Euro contenders, you know, like the BMW, x1, the Audi q3 and the Merc GLA I reported on that and frankly earn the opprobrium of badge snobs everywhere, but that conclusion still stands Tucson though in Highlander. It also, therefore, not just has the pleasure of and pants down pulling, but it also enjoys the orgasmic frenzy of tarring and feathering the Germans and parading them along the high street with their ankles shackled in this undignified fashion. The new 1.6 turbo petrol engine surgically extracted and transplanted from Veloster it's a great fit in the new Tucson, and I really wasn't expecting that it makes substantially more low rpm power than Mazdas 2.5 SKYACTIV petrol engine. In fact, the Tucson makes more power from 1500 rpm. All the way up to at least 4000 rpm, and we know that definitively from the stated peak performance fears, although the Mazda would probably still set a lap record if you managed to drive it like you stole it, the proof of the pudding here is actually in The driving and at all the revs at which you are likely routinely to drive those vehicles, its Tucson, leading Mazda, comfortably rubbing salt into the wounds here. A 7-speed dual-clutch transmission in the Tucson is much better for having a serious go in than the 6-speed auto. In the Mazda, although the Mazda has more transmission refinement in some low-speed driving situations as a consequence of it being a conventional order, so what you need to do is you need to choose here, low-speed civility or direct driving engagement, there's a clear bias towards one or The other and you get to choose so that's nice handling is good too. You get brilliant local suspension tuning by the team at Hyundai oz and their unnamed, but very capable suspension tuner. The setup is excellent for our conditions and you get just the right amount of roll and compliance for this kind of car. So if you want a reasonably refined taxi for mum and the kids, but which dad can also enjoy having a go in from time to time, this is an ideal package to suit both of those agendas. I don't normally comment on styling ex, where there's a tangible observation, because you've got eyes and you could perv as effectively as me, although I am an a-grade pervert, absolutely top-shelf. In any case, styling is often in the eyes of the beholder I mean how many times have you seen a hot chick arm in arm with a complete card-carrying numpty, but there is a salient styling observation here when you park a Tucson next to a cx-5, it Makes the cx-5 look immediately old and busted, even though Mazda did a pretty good job with the 2015 cx-5 facelift, especially on the interior, speaking of which cover up the badges and jump into each vehicle, which SUV do you suppose might be easier to pass off? As a prestige, European SUV in this badge deprived State, if you just answered cx-5 you'd be dead wrong. He under he's done a brilliant job on the interior, which was where the outgoing ix35 fell down. Most heavily ix35 had the world's worst twin binnacle instrument, canopies, a hideous knotch transmission, selector, half-baked at best. In so many ways on the inside. I never even bothered reviewing ix35. My review was essentially go, buy yourself a cx-5. Instead, it was a flashback to the underdone and yet trying too hard old South Korean automotive design model. To sun's interior, however, is an automotive economic triumph. You know the air conditioning controls the centre, LCD, brilliant packaging of the transmission selected with electronic part, brake and sundry. Other driver selectable features like the park sensors and center diff, lock behind that just fantastic and in particular the steering wheel. That wheel is fundamentally awesome good to look at better to use it's the next generation of held a steering wheel, and I can't wait frankly until that's adopted right across the range huge step forward. The clarity of the GPS sat display, in particular, rates of special mention. As does the inclusion of apple carplay and tune in radio, although obviously the only station you'd ever need or want, is Sydney's original to Yui 954. Clearly, carplay does, of course, channel Siri through the high-tech, Ouija board. We know today, as Bluetooth, just don't get into this situation, open the pod bay doors. Please Siri, I'm afraid I can't do that. What'S the problem, I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me and I'm afraid, that's something. I cannot allow to happen where the hell did you get that idea. Although you took very thorough precautions against my hearing, you I could see your lips move, I'm sure they have Siri in hell must ask Joseph Ratzinger next time we catch up at the Vatican, he'll know and he's never wrong. Ask around don't get me wrong. Cx-5 is still a great SUV and there are plenty of reasons to own one, but two suns, the one with the five-year warranty, the cap price servicing for life and the full size alloy spare wheel and tire Mazda cannot match that and Tucson also lacks Mazdas hateful I-Stop system, so that's a plus frankly, it's a pretty close run race, two very high-quality vehicles, but there's no need to go to the video referee. The Tucson is well in front. The stupidest thing about Tucson Highlander is despite having all the requisite hardware, like the radar sensor up the pointy end used for autonomous emergency braking and other cool technology. There is no adaptive cruise control, so it's steam-powered dickensian cruise control for the Tucson Highlander and on this point the Mazda cx-5 Akira is clearly in front. It'S a crazy, incomprehensible decision from he and a completely nutty. He unders response about why this obvious feature is absent. Is ingenuously it's not available globally? It leaves me wondering if the time or the budget beat them to market, because they could have always simply just made a telephone call to Bosch. Tucson poses some interesting internal problems for he under, however, it's better equipped and nicer than Santa Fe and Santa Fe is good. Santa Fe has carryover liabilities with the left foot. Rest, for example, which was always compromised by the low angle, required to facilitate the manual park, brake pedal in the active model, and also the predecessor and that's unfortunate as well as uncomfortable for long trips. The kicker here with Tucson is Tucson is roughly ten grand cheaper than Santa Fe spec for spec. Let'S not forget that he under is taking some steps to level that playing field on specs with a minor model upgrade for Santa Fe plan in October 2015. Of course, if you really need seven seats, Santa Fe or the Kia Sorento, it's pretty impressive to some. People, though, will buy a Santa Fe, not for the extra two seats, but because they claim they need a bigger SUV. So let's examine that objectively. Santa Fe is 21.5 centimeters longer that's about eight and a half inches for ten grand in terms of maximum storage space. With all the seats stowed SATA FA offers about one seventh of a cubic meter: more storage, that's like to office filing boxes and there's only one and a quarter; inches thirty millimeters, more stretched between the wheelbase with Santa Fe, which is hardly a golf, and since the People in rows, one and two sit essentially between the wheels there's, really no more passenger space on offer in Santa Fe, at least in rows. One and two to me, and I like Santa Fe 10 grand, seems to be a lot to pay for a few inches and two boxes. If you're paying just for the additional size anytime, you disturb a system, you get feedback, you make a positive change like adding who's onto the market of medium SUVs. So that's good, but the feedback at least back at the Hyundai mothership is going to be giving people who would have formerly purchased a Santa Fe, because it was so clearly ahead of the ix35, a real reason to save 10 grand and purchase a Tucson. Instead. Tucson means Santa Fe is no longer a no-brainer there's a real case for some buyers to save 10 grand good for you bad for he unday. Oh well a couple of caveats before I let you go the Mazda 2-liter atmo engine unless our cx-5 is slightly underpowered and slightly lower in peak torque than he and a is equivalent to leader. They both have direct injection, but it is really a close-run thing. Mazda'S in front on power from its 2.2 diesel versus he and those 2-liter diesel, there's five percent in it there, as well as five percent in peak torque. As for the Nissan Qashqai and x-trail Mitsubishi, ASX and Outlander kia, sportage and Subaru Forester, they can just about see cx-5 and Tucson duking it out for the yellow jersey way up ahead. If you want one of these second-string suvs, make sure you drive the cx-5 and the Tucson at the same price point and then identify exactly what it is about. Your second line, SUV that makes it a better option. After throwing your specific situation and preferences into the mix everyone's different and there could be a good reason to choose one of these second-string suvs, but now it's time for some tough lovin. What now I said, tough love it not prison lovin. If you think you want the rip van winkle of SUVs, that Honda calls the CRV or the aptly named Holden crap TV or the absolutely not death Proof, Volkswagen, Tiguan or a little something to scare the kiddies into eating their veggies or something like the Skoda Yeti Or any of the markets twenty-something other su you, the back markers, talk to a trusted health care, professional about changing prescriptions, because the meds you're on clearly may not work. As always. If you want a new car at the right price contact me online at Auto expert Comte, you getting some pretty good discounts on Tucson right now, don't forget to subscribe for regular updates and leave a comment below. Let me know what you think: I'm John Cadogan, thanks for watching you

Finding a Reliable Auto Collision Shop: Car Expert Lauren Fix

Hi, I'm Lauren fixed the car coach. If your car has been involved in an accident, it's important to find a collision shop that can actually repair your vehicle properly and the proper procedures are critical. It'S your family's safety and it's your second most expensive. Investment here are some tips to find a quality collision shop. Vehicles on the road today are sophisticated, high-tech pieces of machinery when a driver has an accident, its second nature for him or her to contact your insurance agent right away. What you may not know, however, is that you have the right to choose which collision shop performs your car repairs. Some shops and technicians are ase certified, which means they have passed. A voluntary competency tests or tests that are offered by ase, which is national automotive service excellence. Well, identifying a certain repair shop is important: a ver, F, xvq, repair shop, employees, technicians that have been exposed to the best repair practices available in the collision, repair, industry and technicians at those shops undergo rigorous reviews and assessments to ensure their excellence in collision repair. What does your parents do to help collision shops? What we do is we become an unannounced visit and we make sure the great shops are really get have an opportunity to show that they're really doing the things right. What'S the difference between a repair shop, that's the key certified and those that are not what's different is the cars? Are babe made differently with different methods, which is not the same as what five six years ago car? So what's the difference between a repair shop? That'S BQ certified and those that are not the ones are really BQ certified. They are willing to go out of their way and bring somebody from outside to look and see how they're doing when choosing a collision repair center look for legitimate training certificates, including, but not limited to I car ase and of course, ver affects VQ program certification. For more information go to our website, I'm Lauren fix the car coach

Ultimate bad look? (When a car dealer sues a customer.) | AutoExpert John Cadogan

A holden dealer in queensland is threatening to sue an elderly couple over an online video seems disproportionate. I'M John Cadogan from auto expert comdata, you the place where Ozzie new car buyers save thousands off their necks. New cars hit me up on the website. For that, it would be fair to say that Ken and Wendy Knox from the sleepy Outback, New South Wales, hamlet of boomy, which is north of Maury, which I guess is a long way from the thriving metropolis here in Shitsville anyway. It'S safe to say that mr. and mrs. Knox wish they'd never bought a shitbox Holden Colorado and they certainly wish that they'd never set foot inside tape motors a Holden dealership in goondiwindi mate, which is now threatening to sue them. I think it's fair to say that negotiations have utterly broken down. There appears to be two versions of events: the version of events put forward by the lemon car lobbyists who produced the video. It paints a picture of the quintessential aging Ozzy battlers, getting kind of screwed over by a country dealer with its finger in a lot of small town pies and enough cash to hire an expensive law firm. Mr. Knox is also apparently being charged as a public nuisance by the local council. After what he says was a peaceful demonstration outside the dealership. However, there's also an assault charge pending against him, which he denies. He doesn't look that dangerous. To me, I mean I'd be embarrassed to allege to the cops that he had assaulted me in a meaningful way, just saying apropos of nothing, and I make no comment about his likely guilt or innocence. Mr. Knox claims that he's even received death. It'S from the dealership, however, you know I've never understood why this worries, people, people who threaten to kill you inevitably don't its the ones who quietly plan it and just go ahead, they're the ones that are of somewhat more concern. To me I mean I get death threats, far less often than I'd like for a journalist, a death threat is like winning Olympic gold. Yes, the tape dealership claims. The truth is essentially the polar opposite set of circumstances. Not only has the car been great, except for needing a new engine because of excessive oil consumption. I mean it is, after all, the Colorado. They are also Saints, apparently the dealership in a nutshell. You might put the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela in a blender and make yourself a tape, motors smoothie, twice the appeal of Belgian chocolate plus it prevents tooth decay. Yes, I formed the view from the tape motors version of events and various reactions that the dealership sits on the summit of bullshit mountain metaphorically and offers the opportunity for potential customers to enjoy an espresso on the terrace from which they might look down and survey. The moral arc of humanity beneath while parting with their cash Shand Taylor, lawyers, the firm threatening to sue the Knox's on behalf of Tate, says our clients respect everyone's right to the freedom of speech. But, of course, that freedom should be exercised in a fair and balanced manner. Regrettably, the content of the video is a very clear and blatant abuse of the right to freedom of speech. I'M not entirely sure they wrote that letter in that voice. How would you know, but this is a view that is also expressed by tape motors independently on this front. There are a couple of important points in Strayer. There is actually no bill of rights. There'S no legislation that I'm aware of that confers the right to free speech. All the legislation I know of concerning free speech imposes limitations on what may be freely said to any asshole whose view is that free speech must be fair and balanced. Well, I'd suggest who gets to decide what is fair and balanced, pretty slippery slope. This is the most preposterous and intellectually impoverished imputation that I can imagine any allegedly educated person making about free speech. How does one make controversial statements if everything said must pass the fair and balanced test? Riddle me that firm of contemptible lawyers - it's potentially quite lucrative, you know, perhaps we could just fine everyone who breaches that test by saying anything controversial or offensive. So I call bullshit on that professor Harry gee, Frankfurt's definition of bullshit is the one that I only ever use. Look it up if you're unsure of what I mean by that term. Also, I fail to see how one might quote clearly and blatantly abuse the right to free speech if it doesn't actually exist as a gazetted right. The lawyers droned on regrettably our clients consider the content of the video fYI. The video is called Ken's oil guzzling Colorado. You can search for it in the YouTube interface I'll, put a link in the description, our clients consider the content of the video and Facebook publication to be highly defamatory, misleading and deceptive and constituting an injurious falsehood. In my view, this is an entirely contemptible move from the mongrel lawyer, playbook, that's a personal opinion. Companies generally cannot sue for defamation under Australian law, but there is an obscure tort called injurious falsehood that they could sue you for Hyper 30. The standard of proof there is very high, however, and they have to prove malice, plus falsehood, plus they have to prove that they incurred a loss or damages injurious. Falsehood is almost never successful, but lawyers often employ that threat of injurious falsehood to shut people up for saying something their clients don't like. Even if they know the case would be a shot duck in court. I'M not saying that's the case here, but it might well be while we're discussing the mongrel lawyer playbook when the lawyers say our clients, in this case they're referring to the tape Motor Company, the dealership and also to David Tate, the dealer principle. This is, of course, important because individuals, including mr. Tate, can sue for defamation, unlike companies, but I can't see anywhere where mr. Tate has been identified. So that seems pretty tenuous to me because, as I understand it, only identified persons are able to sue. But then I'm not a lawyer and I might be entirely wrong. It may be that Ken and Wendy Knox are in fact Lucifer and Hitler incarnate, respectively hell-bent on destroying the sterling reputation of an honest, hard-working country. Business with solid community ties. Perhaps they're doing this. Just for kicks, I don't know what they put in the water at [, Music, ] at Bhumi or in the spirit of fairness and balance. It may be that type Motors has screwed the Knox's beyond the breaking point in the absence of lubrication and then experienced a severe but hurt backlash off the back of the fact that the internet gives everyone a voice now, which makes it harder to be a corporate Asshole and get away with it and emerge with your reputation intact. It seems to me that calling the lawyers is spectacularly heavy-handed in either case, like maybe Kim jong-un, visited your new indy and gave the dealership some advice about dealing with dissent. In my view, it's a real roll of the dice for a business to sue a customer like that, because if they lose the case, the court basically endorses what's been said about them, and then everyone is free to say exactly that until the heat death of the Universe, the message is also amplified because reporters hate assaults on the freedom of speech and the battle is taking on the big end of town and winning. It'S always a nice story to report. Isn'T it there's even a video that can show excerpts of this case now with impunity with the courts in firmata? It'S like the world's worst anti advertising campaign. Basically, if tape loses, and so there's that Holden has a reputation for breaching Australian Consumer Law, the a Triple C recently put Holden's head in a vise and forced it to admit those breaches and sign a court enforceable undertaking. That'S so big and so detailed that you can see it from space. You can bet that this stench of non-compliance leeches down from head office and into at least some dealers over many years. It becomes a cultural thing, a way of doing business. I make no comment on this in relation to tape motors specifically, but my point is threatening to sue. An elderly couple is a bad look for a car maker struggling to rebuild its botched reputation as a potential customer. I would not want to stand in the tape motors showroom and worry that if I were to end up in a dispute with them, they would have their lawyers sue me for injurious falsehood, rather than just solve my problem. Small towns are funny to you. No word does get around. I really doubt that these potential damage assessments have been sufficiently considered at tape motors if it all goes south at a hundred miles an hour. There'S the risk. The dealership might actually bring the Holden brand into disrepute and, I'm sure, that's grounds for termination in most companies franchise agreements, which will doubtless represent even more fun and games for SH and Taylor lawyers. Yes, I love it when the lawyers win so to take motors. I'D suggest harden up it's an online video if its allegations are from the crackpot fringe, then devote the time and effort to it that such things deserve ie, none ignore it sticks and stones. If the allegations are substantially true, do what you can to put the pin back in this grenade urgently before it all goes off in your faces, even harder, David Tate, the dealer principle I'd further suggest that next time anyone puts some signs alleging lemon this or whatever Out the front of your premises walk out personally with a couple of coffees. Let them know that they're free to protest for as long as they want the bathrooms are inside if needed. Let them know that they're also welcome to come in and talk about their problem and tell them that you will do whatever you can to resolve it personally, as a matter of urgency, turn their frowns upside down they'll become ambassadors for you forever. How hard is this really car dealers can be so retarded on customer care and dispute resolution? That'S pretty obvious! So here's the newsflash, the loftiest ideal of customer service is not to do the minimum required under Australian Consumer Law and then screw customers over wherever possible. It'S doing whatever you can to make people happy, even if those people are unfair, unbalanced and unreasonable. I'M tipping there's going to be a lot more of this kind of stuff in the public domain before the car industry in Australia decides that it's just not 1980 anymore. Holden is already a brand: that's on the nose and sales are in freefall, threatening to sue customers, because you just don't like what they said about. You is, in my view, counterproductive not to mention infantile and immature, I'm John Cadogan. What do you call a firm of lawyers buried up to their bottom lips in concrete? It'S clearly a failure to estimate the required volume of concrete and what happens to a lawyer when he takes Viagra. Hmm, he gets taller. What do you throw to a drowning lawyer? His partners, we could do this all day, but finally, do you know why the code of conduct prevents lawyers from engaging in rumpy-pumpy with their clients, it's simply to prevent them from billing. You twice for essentially the same service. I kind of like that. One thanks for watching

SUV Comparison: Land Rover Discovery Sport Vs Hyundai Santa Fe

Oh dear, I really think Land Rover needs to pull its head out of its bottom on the new discovery, sport. Here'S a question from Michaela who says I'm looking at the new Land Rover Discovery sport. Is it worth the money and is it safe? Unlike the Range Rover Evoque, should I lean towards a he under sent a fee for value thanks for asking Michaela, let's find out easy question first, is it safe? Yes, unlike the Range Rover Evoque, which dropped the ball so badly in its offset frontal crash test unequivocally the new Discovery. Sport is much better. In December 2014, it was independently tested and awarded five stars for safety by Europe. End cap, but here's where even that gets interesting the new Discovery sport failed to do as well as the Santa Fe in both standardized tests, the offset frontal crash test and in the poll impact test as well. In fact, the Hyundai Santa Fe crashed with five percent. Better protection in the offset frontal test in the poll test, which is very severe, the Santa Fe, scored the maximum points. While the Discovery sport did not. In the poll test, independent experts from Euro endcap dropped the safety ranking on the drivers chest protection in the land. Rover from good to adequate Santa Fe was rated as good everywhere by the same agency in that test. It'S the highest possible safety rating. There'S no excuse for this discovery. Sport is a brand new vehicle. It'S a product to some degree of land, rover's former join at the hip with Volvo, the industry's self-proclaimed safety superstar. That was back when both brands were part of Ford's evil empire. They called it. The premier automotive group, presumably because evil empire was already taken, the evil empire also included Jaguar and Aston Martin, and it started from crisis to crisis until the big daddy of all crises. The global financial crisis that was when a fire sale of sorts was necessary for Ford to remain on life support. That'S the back story, here's the need to know if there are relativity's in five-star safety ratings and trust me on this. There absolutely are, then, I know which of these two vehicles I would preferentially crash in, and it would not be that Land Rover, so that's safety. Here'S where Land Rovers head really does protrude into the south end of its gastrointestinal tract. Is it worth their money and should I lean towards a hand, a Santa Fe for value as asked by Michaela? These are flip sides of the same propositional hit-single. So let's take the poverty pact, disco, sport and pitch it against the works burger of Santa Fe, the Highlander bear in mind. None of this is my opinion. It'S an objective answer to Mikayla's question using Australian specifications and recommended retail pricing. These two models - paavo pack, disco, sport and pimps - Cadillac of Santa Fe - are in the gun because they are line ball on price. Well, they are until you start thinking about specifications. They both have 2.2 litre Diesel's, slightly more peak output for the Santa Fe, slightly less mass for the Land Rover very similar performance in a straight line guaranteed many of the same inclusions too. Proximity key full-sized, alloy spare tire stuff like that, and if you want to put them both inside a box, you will need exactly the same sized box for each one. The dimensions are remarkably similar, but how similar are these two vehicles in detail? These are pretty expensive toys when you think about it. So value is a very important consideration and when you drill down into it, one is Malibu Barbie in a box set with Ken and the campervan, and the other is a kind of cheap plastic Kim Kardashian. Is there any other kind? I'D want an auto transmission, I'm thinking soccer mum, baby seats, traffic, hands-free conversations, tennis, lessons, the spa lunch with the girls and whipping up the lights. Who'S got time to change gear. 6-Speed, Auto, is how they roll standard from house of highlander, but the auto is going to cost you two and a half grand more in the land rover. It'S a nine speed transmission, so you can brag about that. Mine'S bigger than yours in the Land Rover is that a practical advantage, usually not the Santa Fe, is a standard 7-seater. While the standard disco sport is just five. So that means, if you are snow, white and your remit includes the routine transportation of Doc, grumpy, happy bashful, sneezy and dopey and sleepy tucked in the back with a blanket over his head, you'd, better budget, another two grand for the Land Rover for the optional third Seating road, the Santa Fe, also rolls standard with 19-inch alloys. Those would be $ 1,500 extra on the Land Rover. Now, if, like me, you wake up every morning, humming who's, the solar-powered sex machine, that's a hit with all the chicks to the tune of shaft. Hmm! There'S an admission: don't worry, we can edit it out. Then you'd want the big panoramic glass roof, that's standard in the Hyundai and $ 1,800 extra on the disc. Oh he's a complicated man, but no one understands him, like his woman, John shaft. That was way back shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, but well before men all became metrosexual. It'S going to cost you seven hundred dollars more for premium paint in the disco unless you want to get in touch with your fraternal Irish Protestant, loyal orange institution roots and opted instead for the Phoenix Orange disco sport. That'S going to be an incredible two thousand! Six hundred dollars premium, I think, that's because actual Catholics are ground up and used in the paint. How else could you justify the cost? That'S a five percent premium, just for the Soylent Green of orange paint. It'S absurd! You also need to buy the automated parking pack. The climate pack for the front seats, the 11-speaker premium, sound system and the xenon light pack just to get to the point of approximate objective equivalence, and when you do assuming you decline, the pulverised devout Catholic soil, an orange paint, your Discovery, sport, that's actually line ball. On spec, with the Santa Fe Highlander is going to knock you back 67 grand Santa Fe. Let'S add the premium. Paint is still under fifty four thousand bucks with all that stuff standard. So, with the Land Rover, it's about twenty five percent more for the same thing, sort of only if you just landed here from Sirius B, all you'd notice is one of the oval badges has a bit of green on it. I don't know about you, but I am really struggling to justify the big fat extra spend. I really am. I mean Land Rover is not BMW, it's not even Audi Land. Rover makes a big hue and cry about its off-road credentials above and beyond, like Buzz Lightyear, but frankly, that's either irrelevant or intangible. As far as all Discovery, sport owners statistically will be concerned back on earth. Both vehicles have more than enough off-road capability to satisfy the needs of both buyers, parking in a disabled spot to run in and get that vital double shot. Piccolo soy latte is as adventurous as they are generally going to get. I really don't think the North Face of the Eiger or ability to conquer same is up for grabs in either vehicle. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not wander aimlessly into a dealership, with the expectation of spending early 50s and Limp out with the ink drying on a contract and my dignity in tatters to the tune of 70 grand. It'S. Certainly at the very least. The first step on a path to disenchantment, and it doesn't stop there, because there are many more thousands of dollars you could upsell into the Land Rover business model. If you want to spend 85 grand on a new Land, Rover Discovery, sport and step right up. It'S dead, easy, like mercedes-benz, Audi and BMW Land Rover is actually pretty good at extreme premium. Take Range Rover if you've got 200k to spend a Range Rover is a pretty good option, come on in be systematically violated and spend quarter of a million dollars. We'Ll get you a manicure and a lobster tail vallah volt. While you wait and you won't feel a thing pretty good about yourself. That'S how you'll be feeling when you drive off financially exsanguinated in a vogue? That'S just how it works, but this uber premium business model does not translate to the fifty thousand dollar SUV space. Here'S a vehicle, the name of which had to be changed from Freelander, because that was cursed in the manner of Linda Blair. We'Re talking 360 degree head rotation with projectile-vomiting. That'S bad! If symptoms persist, see your health care professional, so step right up. Take a punt will violate you using this inappropriate, uber premium, extreme upsell style business model, albeit here in the cheap seats and you'll drive off in the new Freelander. Pardon me discovery sport and look. This oval badge has a bit of green inside it, which is emblematic of poor reliability and sky-high ownership costs if history repeats, but it is quote the most versatile compact SUV. If Land Rover's marketing fluff is to detain us all momentarily, all he under can offer. You, in contrast, is an honest upfront pricing strategy with all the big-ticket stuff thrown in standard plus a five year warranty with unlimited kilometers, kept price servicing for life and ten years of complimentary roadside assistance. So if you're a land rover nutcase, the choice is pathologically clear. If, instead, you are a rational and objective buyer, the choice is also crystal they're, just diametrically different choices. It'S a binary proposition, don't misconstrue my objective enthusiasm for Santa Fe as some kind of unilateral evangelism for Hyundai. I wouldn't be stepping up for a hand. They accent anytime soon, and here they genesis a $ 60,000 hyun. Day-After honda crashed and burned so spectacularly over and over with the legend. What were they thinking? You could not feed me a petrol Hyundai i40 or an automatic atmo Veloster, and I'm absolutely certain I'd buy a Kia reowww instead of an i-20 on all days ending in Y Santa Fe is just an incredibly good vehicle and it deserves considerable objective approbation. If you want to save thousands on any new vehicle, even a discovery, sport, I don't discriminate visit the website, Auto expert condo, you don't forget to like this video. You can leave a comment below to. Let me know what you think and subscribe for regular updates. I'M John Cadogan looking kind of forward to attending one fewer car company Christmas party this year and it's only just April plenty more to come. Thanks for watching

Why service your vehicle at a dealership? Auto Expert

Hey here's a question for you: this is Justin Stevenson, a Toyota of tri-cities when you are shopping for a car, a pre-owned vehicle and you see on the CARFAX that the vehicle has been serviced at a dealership. Does that car have more value to you? Would you pay more for a car that has a service record or one that's blank, because they did it at home? I don't know. Maybe I'd have to know um in that case, just thought. You know I was thinking hey. Why go to the service at the dealership? That'S why that's one of the reasons why o am parts factory parts trained professionals, all those other things, but down the road, this money makes money, it makes sense, makes dollars. It makes sense, Justin Stevenson it out.